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Welcome to Franchise Documents Online. We supply lawyer written, high quality, pre-prepared and customizable franchise documents, franchise operations manuals and franchise templates.

You will benefit from our proven documents and templates; all the documents have been designed to take the trouble out of franchising your business and to provide you with simple solutions to a complicated and lengthy process, not to mention the high costs and time consuming efforts.

Franchise Manuals

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If you are considering starting a franchise business or expanding an existing business into a franchise, then look no further. We have more than fifteen years experience in the franchise industry and we understand completely the needs and desires to grow your new business.

Franchise Documents Online provide high quality pre-prepared franchise documents including the:
One of the keys to starting a successful franchise is to ensure your new franchisees can follow your systems, procedures and policies. The key to this is to develop a blueprint for success, well-developed and well-written franchise manuals in a way that almost anyone can read, understand and follow them accordingly.

All of the world’s successful franchise operations such as 7-Eleven, McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, Cartridge World, Dunkin’ Donuts, Intercontinental Hotels and thousands of more use quality Franchise Manuals to ensure their franchisees success, give your business the head start it deserves and limit the chance of any unforeseen failures.

Our Franchise Documents have been written and formatted . We also have franchise documents suitable for most other countries.

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Purchase the Value Pack of all the Franchise Docs

£ 500
Special offer: Purchase the complete value pack of all the Franchise Documents available from our resources. For a once off Investment you can download all of the Franchise Documents, Manuals, Templates, Forms, and resources. Including the 10 Franchise Operations Manuals, Franchise Agreement, Sales Brochure, Disclosure Document, Master Franchise Agreement, Agents Agreement, Franchisor Business Plan and the How to Franchise Blueprint.
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Complete Set of 10 Franchise Operations Manuals.

£ 250
Invest in a complete set of ten (10) Franchise Operations Manuals. These manuals have been designed and written to give any new franchises a clear understanding of how to operate your new franchise business. The manuals include the following business and franchise topics.
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Introduction to Franchising (This manual introduces the new franchisee to the world of franchising and explains what exactly franchising is, the number of locations, details about your company and much more)

Franchise Location and Design (This manual describes more about the design of the franchise, the type of car, shops and fit out if required, how the unique logo and systems work, etc.)

Occupational Health and Safety (This manual describes the Occupational Health and Safety of the franchise business, it includes detailed information about health and safety in the workplace, cash handling and much more.)

Customer Relations Franchise Manual (This manual teaches the new franchisee how to deal with the everyday customer, how to answer the telephone, how to approach a customer, how to take an order, accept the money, how to talk to customers and much more.)

Operational Procedures Manual (This manual teaches the new franchisee the everyday operational procedures of the franchise business, cleaning, maintenance, security, and much more.)

Personnel Staff Management (This manual teaches the new franchisee how to professionally source, introduce and manage the staff and management of the new franchise business, it includes forms, applications and time sheets, etc.)

Reporting and Payment Manual (This manual teaches the new franchisee how to complete reporting and payments for the new business, how to collect the money and pay the franchisee fees and much more)

Stock and Supplies Manual (This manual teaches the new franchisee how to rotate stock, how to complete a stock take, how to order new stock and products, services etc.)

Advertising and Marketing Manual (This manual shows the new franchisee what process to take to generate new business, and what advertising and marketing is best for your type of business, many pages in this manual teach the new franchisee about advertising and marketing.)

Accounting and Administration Manual (This manual teaches the new franchisee how to account for the cash and income of the franchise business; it includes spreadsheets, reports and forms to assist the new franchisee to properly understand how to operate the financial side of a business, and much more.)

Franchisee Reporting Schedule (This manual includes reports that the new franchisee must send to the franchisor. It shows the franchisee how to report the income to the franchisor and how to pay the franchise fees and report the usage of stock and supplies, etc.)

Franchise Agreement

£ 150
Invest in a fully completed forty-page (40 Page) Franchise Agreement Template. The Franchise Agreement template is the legal binding agreement that binds the new franchisee to the operation of the business. The Franchise Agreement Template is designed to work in co-operation with the Franchise Operations Manuals, however it is possible to use the Agreement as a stand-alone template.
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Franchise Sales Brochure

£ 99
Invest in a Franchise Sales Brochure template; this template has been designed to give potential franchisee a snap shot picture of the franchise you are selling. It is the first document a potential franchisee would receive after contacting your company with the view to purchasing a franchise. This fully completed template includes a legal binding confidential - non-disclosure agreement non-competition agreement.
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Disclosure Document

£ 50
A Disclosure Document or in the USA (FDD) is a legal document and an obligation of any franchisor to provide to all potential franchisees prior to signing or paying any monies. Invest in a Disclosure Document Template. The Disclosure Document contains extensive information about a franchisor, which is intended to give potential franchisees enough information to make educated decisions about their investments. The information is divided into many categories.
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Master Franchise Agreement

£ 180
Invest in a fully completed thirty-page (30 Page) Master Franchise Agreement Template. The Master Franchise Agreement Template is the legal binding agreement that binds the master franchisee to the franchisor and it allows the master franchisee to sell sub franchisees. The Master Franchise Agreement Template is designed to work in co-operation with the (Standard) Franchise Agreement, however it is possible to use the Master Franchise Agreement as a stand-alone template.
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Development Agents Agreement

£ 100
Invest in a fully completed sixteen-page (16 Page) Franchise Development Agents Agreement template. The Development Agents Agreement, is a much shorter version of a Franchise Agreement, it is also a legal binding agreement that binds the new franchisee to the operation of the business. Development Agents Agreements are used in businesses such as fast food restaurants like the subway system and specify to the franchisee that they have to establish a certain number of restaurants in comparison with the number of McDonalds stores.
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Franchisor Business Plan

£ 50
The Franchisor Business Plan has been designed to be used for a start up company to plan the outline of the franchise business and a format to follow to request funding.
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